We spray a antimicrobial / sanitizer mist throughout the system. Our solution kills 99.99% of germs and odor causing bacteria. Air duct cleaning can also help your unit operate up to 20% more efficiently.

We can drastically improve your indoor air quality by cleaning your air ducts!

Why Air Ducts Need Cleaning:
Air Ducts are easy to forget about, no one looks inside their air vents very often. But what you don't see CAN hurt you. Studies have shown that in a typical air-conditioned building, occupants inhale 1-2 tablespoons of contaminants every day. This situation poses unnecessary health and sanitation issues. Most people would never consider drinking out of a cup that had not been washed yet they continue to breathe air circulated from air ducts that have never been cleaned. Air Duct cleaning is necessary on a regular basis to remove dust, bacteria and other harmful contaminates out of the indoor air we breathe. Garry's Gadgets is your one stop indoor air quality expert. Be sure not to overlook cleaning your air ducts just because they are "Out of sight, out of mind." 

​Air Duct Cleaning

Our Prices Typically Run:

$30 Per Vent

$50 Per Return

$300 Minimum